Local Spirit On its Way to Downtown Kamloops

Stills House

Posted by Tristan Armstrong
2 months ago | December 9, 2022

Soon to join The Hive and the rest of the downtown core is Stills House, a division of the Great Canadian Beverage Company. Situated on the corner of 5th Avenue and Lansdowne Street, Stills House is getting ready to open its doors and become Kamloops’ newest gathering place for locals and visitors.

The heart of Stills House will be in the distillery, where the development and production of a wide range of spirits will take place. In addition to the production space, there will also be the addition of a vibrant tasting room and lounge for guests to enjoy.

Stills House will focus on café-based operations during the day, offering signature coffee, espresso, and baked goods on the go. In the afternoon and evening, the space will transition into a cocktail bar where guests will be able to enjoy an assortment of delicious tapas to accompany their specialty crafted cocktails made from locally sourced ingredients.

Carefully designed details with local spirit in mind, Stills House is set to launch this winter.