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We acquire or develop commercial and industrial properties with a long-term mindset. We are passionate about being best in class in service and having a positive impact on the communities we’re involved in. We believe in collaboration, working with our tenants, partners and city builders to leave a lasting legacy in the communities we operate.

Invictus Properties is a multi-generational family business. We have always and continue to be focused on long term impact of what we’re creating. We continue to honor our past while looking towards the future of emerging communities across Canada.


President and Chief Executive Officer

Tristan Armstrong is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Invictus Properties.

A graduate of the University of Western Ontario, Tristan worked for six years for Ferrero Canada,

a global family-owned consumer packaged goods company in a variety of trade marketing and Sales roles in Toronto and Vancouver before entering the real estate industry in leasing and development roles.

Tristan is President and CEO of Armstrong Group, the holding company of Invictus Properties, Rocky Mountaineer and Alder Bay Equity Partners and serves as the Executive Chairman of Rocky Mountaineer.



Chief Operating Officer

Bryan Pilbeam is the Chief Operating Officer of Invictus Properties, Bryan began his career in hospitality in Winnipeg as a graduate of the University of Manitoba and also completed an MBA program from McGill University in September 2019. Bryan has sat on numerous Industry and not for profit boards, advisory committees and is a Past Chair of both the BC Hotel Association and Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association.


Executive Coordinator

Mercedes Ossudallah is the Executive Coordinator for Invictus Properties, a real estate and hospitality company based in Kamloops, British Columbia.
Mercedes brings her versatility to Invictus Properties. After years of experience in sales and  the legal industry,  Mercedes fully embraced her business executive side. She completed her MBA in 2021, focusing on emerging technologies and their ability to improve global commerce. Alongside the Chief Operating Officer, Mercedes completes the triad that is bringing new experiences to Kamloops and beyond.

Hands Up


To create and build communities by acquiring, developing and managing commercial and industrial properties with a long-term mindset and a focus on leveraging the strengths, performance and results of the operating businesses and investments in our portfolio.


Passion for being best in class in service

Positive impact on communities

Collaboration working with tenants, partners and city builders

Lasting Legacy for people while generating shareholder value and return

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